Welcome to Baby Ballerinas, Ballet classes for Toddlers & Beyond

We recommend in the With Grown Up classes that adults please remove their shoes. Thank you

We want to ensure that our Ballerinas feel comfortable and that you get to experience Baby Ballerinas for a while before too much initial outlay.

We recommend either a little ballet outfit (we do have an optional uniform available at Ruby Dancewear Slippers),



 Baby Ballerinas tutu              Boys Uniform

                  (Pink Ballet Shoes)        (Black/White ballet shoes)


A little princess dress (not too long in length) or leggings and t-shirt. 

It would be great if they had little Pink/White ballet shoes, if not bare feet or slipper socks would be the best option.

It is lovely if they have their hair tied back in some way (if long enough, a bun is ideal).

Once they reach the Pre-Primary/Primary class age (5yrs) It is nice for them to all be in the same uniform with ballet shoes and hair in bun, where possible and for the boys to be in the same uniform as above.